Marketing Campaigns


Create an e-mail campaign

The emailing is a great tool for direct marketing, whether it is for acquisition, qualification or development of customer loyalty. You can reach out quickly to thousands of contacts by sending them targeted messages.


We can completly manage the emailing compaign for you or we can train you on our tools. In the latter case you would be able to manage in complete autonomy your compagin.

In both cases you will receive after every email a detailled report showing opened mails and actively clicked mails. This will allow you to define behavioral follow-ups and to create profiles for your next campaigns.



Create a SMS campaign

Ideal for e-commerce sites, SMS campaigns are a real marketing tool. They allow to boost your activity, obtain more sales leads and to establish a relation of closeness with her customers.

The sending of SMS is more effective than the sending of newsletter because you will gain attention of more than 95 % of your customers. If your message is relevant and that your site is responsive, you can directly generate sales or contacts.
Since your interface, you can plan the sending of SMS: it allows you to take time to optimize your campaign and especially to anticipate in daytime and key hours, to send the SMS at the best moment!